Mama Haiti

January 24, 2010 0 comment

Manman Ayiti. I’ve had this beautiful song of Carlton Rara on my Ipod since last summer. He’s half French half Haitian and I discovered him while we were on vacation in France.  I’ve listened to this song many times over the last year, it evoked warmth and togetherness. It had put Haiti on my mind. Now of course it has a deeper meaning. It also evokes compassion.

We were playing it in the car today, and after Marcelo was singing Mama Haiti a few times, it was easier to explain the ravage of the earthquake to him. How nature is stronger than anything. The terrible disaster for thousands and thousands who have lost everything. The whole album is beautiful and you can listen to it here. I hope that his song will become very famous so it helps keep the awareness on the country.

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