Scandinavia on my mind

May 19, 2010 4 comments

I loved our mini-trips to Copenhagen and Oslo. I wish we could go for a full vacation to Scandinavia to explore it all. Funny how we change once we are a family. It used to be all about sunshine, sandals and a tiny tiny bit of sun protection. Now I crave for fresh air and grands espaces when we go away with the children.

There are many talented Scandinavian designers in the kids world and it’s wonderful to see that some kids e-shops now specialize in all scandi things: Sparkle & Spin. in the UK and Nordinary in France are great resources.

This is a photo from Sparkle&Spin very cute shop in South London…

None though seems to distribute Superspace online, and it’s a pitty because Sarah and Stine are very talented.

I love this portrait of them…

Both with an architect background, they have been creating many pieces related to their beloved city Copenhagen, such as these cut-out icons

and these sweet cards…

They also have an ingenious set of kids furniture that would work well in a large playroom. Check it all out on their webshop.

Btw, chef Rene Redzepi became the chef of the chefs last month when Noma in Copenhagen won the award for the very best restaurant in the world, ending the four-year reign of Spain’s El Bulli. Hmmm…


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