My favorite world map

June 6, 2010 2 comments

I searched, I searched and I found it. Monocle’s is my favorite world map.

Illustrated by Japanese artist Satoshi Hashimoto, it is edited by Monocle, this really smart magazine launched a few years ago by journalist Tyler Brule (you might know him from Wallpaper Magazine and his Fast Lane column in the FT). I am a fan of Monocle, and I am a fan of this map, a free-spirited representation of the world today, with landmarks of architecture and cultural icons from around the globe.

It makes it easy for Marcelo to spot the many places of interest around the world.

But I have one complaint, Mr Hashimoto. Why did you put the Acropolis from Athens and nothing from Istanbul? (let me tell you, this has created some sort of a diplomatic incident in my household).

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