Undiscovered Italy?

June 25, 2010 0 comment

Sorry I have been a bit side-tracked this week. The airline we were going to fly with in August went bankrupt. Oh well. Dealing with it as we speak…Onto the topic of Undiscovered Italy, which I got really excited about. Twice I read this week about an island unspoilt and beautiful in South Italy. Still undiscovered by the foreigners. How long will it stay that way?

From those evocative images of British photographer David Spero (commisioned by Nowness), Favignana still seems very raw and peaceful.

Favignana is a small island a few km away from the West coast of Sicily, reachable by ferry from Trapani in 20 minutes.

Nicknamed the Butterfly island because of its shape: La Grande Farfalla.

And what’s best: there is a brand new chic little place called Cas’almare, with only five rooms and windows overlooking the Mediterannee. It might not be your obvious child-friendly hotel but that’s what I like. Those little gems are usually a great alternative for the family because it’s like home away from home. Especially with the Italians and their natural warmth and sense of hospitality. Renting bicycles to tour the island, organizing boat trips to see the least accessible beaches…There’s always something to do by the sea.

Favignana, a place to remember if you’d like to stay off the beaten-track in Italy.


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