With Three Children and One Airstream on the road to Freedom

July 7, 2010 1 comment

Writer/photographer Harriette de Swaan Arons and her husband Marc embarked their three young children on a fantastic journey last summer, from  New York to Vancouver by road.  This is so inspiring.

With no mapped out itinerary, a 1974 Airstream trailer in original condition and Jakob (5), Oscar (3) and little Emma (turned 1 during the trip), this was the family road trip of a lifetime. An unforgettable experience. A real sense of freedom.

I asked Harriette just two questions.

What prompted you to embark on such journey: My husband and I had done something similar ten years ago when we traveled for six months with the same Airstream trailer crossing the US and Mexico. Despite the economic downturn last year, we had the unconventional belief that this was the time to do something adventurous. At a time with less professional opportunities, we decided to seize the moment, rent out our home, dust off our Airstream and pursue our dream to repeat this kind of trip with our children.

What have been the greatest rewards and challenges: Ironically, the greatest challenges have resulted in the greatest rewards. By that I mean, being able to let go, be flexible and take things as they come with three small children in tow was certainly a challenge, but once we were able to, oh so liberating. The notion that all that truly matters is the well-being of your own tribe; as long as we are all together and well, life’s good. And there are no better preachers of that notion than our own children who are more flexible than usually perceived.

This is the good life. Thank you Harriette for sharing it all with such beautiful photos.


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