Hamptons, and the living is easy, USA

July 21, 2010 0 comment

The Hamptons is that terribly casual-chic stretch of Long Island where New Yorkers typically head for the summer. And it’s been terribly hot lately in the city. I was in New York for a quick work trip earlier this month, and decided very last-minute to spend the July 4th w/e where the living is easy (a wedding anniversary treat). Of course, we got the last motel room available (and I will not recommend it!) but we checked the newly renovated Maidstone, and it’s the perfect spot for a family getaway from NYC.

Located at the entrance of East Hamptons, this old b&b was recently purchased and re-done by upcoming Swedish hotelier Jenny Ljungberg. I like the brand name of  her small hotel group: c/o. Simple and straight to the point. In fact, The Maidstone is quite small and very cozy, every detail is done tastefully. Marimekko prints here and there, mixed with contemporary art and scandinavian design. Just loved the atmosphere.

For large families, they have cottages next to each others adjacent to the main building.

And there’s plenty to do with the children in the Hamptons. Starting with long walks on the never ending beaches (the hotel provides parking permits). You can also take biking tours, go surfing in Montauk, try fly fishing, tour the wineries (with kids? they have delicious apple juice too!).

For meals, the restaurant of The Maidstone is delicious (best French toasts I have ever had) and emphasizes on slow food (a bit of slow service too but they’re working on it…). But if you want to head out, East Hampton Point is an old-time favorite with children. Delicious fish overlooking the bay. The family brunch is perfect.

And for some shopping, head to the cute little shop of Pink Chicken in Amangasset, the town right after East Hamptons. Perfect dresses for an easy summer. Hamptons, and the living seems easy.


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