Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan |3| India

October 2, 2010 2 comments

Jaipur is a fascinating city. As soon as we arrived, we wished we had made plans to stay longer. At first, it’s the pink tones all around that are striking. A soft and romantic shade of pink, giving the place a nonchalant atmosphere (despite 3 million people living here!). The maharadjah had ordered that the city be painted in pink in the late 19th century, ahead of a visit from the Prince of England. A grand idea…pink is one of my favorite colors.

To get around, the Love Jaipur guide book is a must. I just love the insights of journalist Fiona Caulfield, it’s as if a good friend was sharing plenty of secret addresses.
Ps: I had bought it at my favorite book shop in London, Daunt Books but you can surely find it online.

Another must-have is a print out of all the good tips from the Hot Pink website. Hot Pink is a delightful shop in the Narain Niwas hotel. It’s co-owned by French jeweler Marie-Helene de Taillac and it sells a mix of interior pieces and clothes from different designers commisionned specially for the shop. A great place to check out as it’s so tasteful.

The two sources of information above cover pretty much everything so I’ll just add that if you’re a fan of the jewelry shop Me&Ro in New York, you’ll love Gem Palace on M.I. Road. Many similar designs at not even half the prices (they also have a shop in the magnificent Rambargh Palace Hotel where we enjoyed a great dinner).

Ps: You might have heard about the judgement announced yesterday to decide on a holy site in the state of Utta Pradesh in India. It’s about a place that both muslims and hindus have been disputing. The whole country was fearing a spread of violence as a result of the ruling (which ended up being a real compromise). Jaipur was almost entirely shut from 3pm on. What a pitty for us.
It was strange to see the streets so lively in the morning, and all of a sudden completely quiet, with a certain sense of emergency. So we spent the rest of the day by the pool of our very pleasant and atmospheric hotel, Samode Haveli, a charming old house full of antiques and a bit of dust.

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