On the road to Udaipur |4| India

October 3, 2010 0 comment


That’s what you need on the roads in India according to our driver. And he knows what he’s talking about. It’s exhausting to be seating in our mini bus so much but we get to see a lot more of rural life in India.

First stop, Pushkar, a city famous for hosting the largest camel market in the world every November. And for having the only temple in the world to Brahma, the God of Creation in hinduism.

I loved the smile of this woman with her son “Raoul” (don’t ask!)

In Pushkar, by the sacred lake, we got a little hindu ceremony done by a local priest. Our man of every situation aka our guide Mishra had it organized. I made a wish for Marcelo and Amalya whom I miss a lot.

Then on the road again, with countless gracious Indian women walking in their colorful saris. Late in the day, we finally arrived at Rawla Narlai. It’s an old hunting lodge that belongs to the Maharadjah of Jodhpur and has been converted into a small hotel. A very special place lost in the heart of rural Rajasthan.

Dinner under the stars, horseback riding at sunrise. We could have stayed forever at Rawla Narlai.



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