Attachment…Detachment… Attachment…Detachment…|6| India

October 15, 2010 3 comments

These words of wisdom from our Indian guide Mishra keep on hitting me now that I am back in London. Sorry I have not been able to post in a little while.


The cycle of life and death, our attachment to things, to people, to places and inevitably the need to detach ourselves from all of this. One by one or all at once. Because we move on, because we move away, because we grow happens all the time.

As I am slowly detaching myself from this amazing journey in Rajasthan, I am re-attaching myself to the daily routine of life at home and at work. But I have one more post to write about India: Shop til You Drop. I just need to put my notes together, because I did shop and attach myself to a number of beautiful things over there!

xxx glad to be back.

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