Itinerary for 150 days around the world

December 4, 2010 8 comments

Yeah!!! That’s it!!…We left London yesterday and today is the official kick of our 150-days sabbatical. With snow, ice and plenty of delays at airports and train stations of course. We should be in Rio de Janeiro tomorrow morning…Wish us luck!

Here is our planned journey around the world for the next five months. Tips and recommendations are most welcome! Just click the comment button below.

Our itinerary:

Starting with Brazil, Rio and the coast along Ubatuba until Christmas. Then some carols and meeting with Papa Noel in Paris with the family. Then South East Asia, kick starting the itinerary in Singapore where we’ll be for New Years Eve. Burma, North Thailand, Cambodgia and Vietnam are on the agenda until early February. Then right on time for Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. We’ll hop from there to Australia and the great outdoors of New Zealand for a month and a half. More outdoors then in South America with Chile and Argentina first, looking forward to comparing the Patagonia on both sides. And finishing off by the beaches of Uruguay and Brazil til late April 2011.

Might not be blogging regularly from now on but you’ll know why. Off we go…


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