Ubatuba, Brazil: Rain, Waves & Waterfalls

December 16, 2010 1 comment

There’s something terribly healthy to live surrounded by the noises of nature. It’s something that our urban children, unfortunately, are not used to anymore. We are in the middle of nowhere right now, or so it seems. We are on Praia de Itamambuca, 20 minutes north from the town of Ubatuba. 4 hours north of Sao Paulo and 5 hours south of Rio, right on the coast. Quite well accessible by road, but far away from everything. Highly recommended for a family time away from it all. A surfer’s beach although none of us in the family knows how to surf…makes us feel a bit like losers, oh well. We’re still enjoying watching.

Ubatuba is nicknamed UbaChuva which means rain in Portuguese, because it’s been raining every day since we arrived 10 days ago, and it’s supposed to be summer time. And we love it!! It’s not that little drizzling grey rain that we are used to in London. No. It’s a very warm, powerful rain, often accompanied by thunders and lightnings in the sky. It never really lasts so long that you get bored of it. Except today. That’s why I finally got some time to write this post.

We are lucky to be staying in an architect house built with a complete sense of awareness to the environment, and completely eco-friendly. It’s like a big rectangular house, very intriguing at first sight , but oh-so-incredibly amazing to live in once inside. A house in a mosquito-net box, all opened onto the outside. No concrete, just wood and metal. Read here to learn more about the concept.  The sound of the ocean nearby, the birds singing all day long, the crickets calling when night comes. It’s a little paradise. We cannot thank you enough Helena for letting us enjoy your place.

For house rentals at Itamambuca, click here and make sure it’s within 300m from the beach. There are also a number of pousadas (aka b&b’s) in the area.

Some our favourite activities when we’re not at the beach:

– Visiting Projeto Tamar in Ubatuba, an organization dedicated to the protection of turtles, very child-friendly. And nearby also, the Aquarium on Rua Guarani.

Learning to surf with Escola Zecao. They start at 4 years old and really have a good approach for young children. Marcelo felt like a pro.

Trekking the forest and the Pedra Grande waterfall with a guide one hour away from here. We organized it through Omnimare in Ubatuba.

Getting a massagem at home from therapist Carla Heyworth

Eating pizzas with the locals at Pizzeria Sao Paulo, and then ice cream at Pistache. And around the corner is Ubatuba’s fish market.

– Spending an afternoon at the fisherman’s village Picinguaba, so peaceful and atmospheric. I’d dream to come back tete-a-tete at the Pousada de Picinguaba. 10 rooms only, pure luxury. One day maybe… The French owner Manu is soon opening a fazenda in the countryside not too far from here, Catucaba.

A day trip to the colonial town of Paraty. More on this in another post…

– And the most exciting: building lego spaceships and other silly things that we never have time to do at home.

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