Words we love to pronounce in Brazil

December 22, 2010 2 comments

I used to think Italian is my favourite language in the world. It’s actually Portuguese from Brazil. Music to the ears. Here is a shortlist of our favorite words, all easy and fun to pronounce. I have tried to provide a pronounciation guideline but that’s tricky!

Bom dia. Pronounced bom djia…good morning
Pao de queijo. Pronounced Pan dji kaijo..delicious little balls of dough with cheese inside
Ta bom..to be said with a thumbs up in any circumstances when you’re happy / ok with something
Abacaxi…pronounced abacashi..the best pineapples we’ve had
Misto quente..pronounced misto kentchi…basically a ham and cheese toasted sandwich, but sounds so much better that way.
Maracuja…pronounced with an emphasis on the “cu”…Passion fruit. They make amazing batido de maracuja ( batchido dji maracuja) Ie a smoothie with vodka….obviously not child- friendly but a delicious alternative to caipirinha, which I am sure you know how to pronounce already. Another favourite word, another favourite cocktail once Marcelo and Amalya are asleep!

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