Show & Tell with Davina Z. on Morro de SP, Brazil

December 27, 2010 1 comment

And one more post on Brazil…

I love Davina Zagury‘s New York story. She started selling her art work “The Land of Lost Toys” in the streets of Soho when she moved to the city 7 years ago. She quickly acquired a long list of admirers, including me. Davina is now a very talented photographer specialized in children’s portraits. Her work carries the nostalgia we all have for our own childhood. Her Doudou Project, which regularly runs at Pomme store in NY, is a must-attend for every family in town. Davina’s portraits are wonderful pieces to keep forever, and I can only advise you to commission her before your kids are too old to accept to pose, with or without you.

Davina was recently on vacation in the Northeast of Brazil and tells BozAround about a place she fell in love with: Morro de Sao Paulo.

How did Brazil inspire you for your work: I didn’t want to think about work! I didn’t even bring my “good” camera and my husband ended up taking most of the pictures.

Tell us a bit about your family: So it’s me, my husband Shai and our 2 years old son Itay. We live in NYC, in Brooklyn, but we are Israelis. We’ve been in the states for 7 years.

Tell us about where you went in Bahia, Brazil: We flew into the city of Salvador de Bahia in the Northeast of Brazil. From there we went to Morro de Sao Paulo and stayed at Fazenda Caeira. I think it would be best to take another flight from Salvador to Morro but we did it by boat and were ok with a little adventure. The owner has 3 places, we stayed at his property on the third beach. It’s right off the beach and it was en excellent choice. The staff is wonderful, there’s a swimming pool, lots of grass and it’s really so comfortable with the kids. We were there for 18 days and it felt exactly right. Itay my son loved it there!

What did you love about it: We chose Morro de Sao Paulo as it’s an island with no vehicles. We were looking for something beautiful and very simple (no luxury) with a beach and easy place to be with a child. It answered all of those.

The beach is incredible, we especially enjoyed it at low tide. The people are extremely nice, the wildlife is beautiful and accessible (you can get very close to the small monkeys watching them eating). The place we stayed in was perfect for a family set up. Also we enjoyed very much walking around the village.

The trickiest part were the meals as Morro de Sao Paulo is limited with its food choices. We found 2 really good restaurants but I don’t remember their names (Thanks Davina…!). An Italian restaurant at the beginning of the third beach (run by an Italian) and a mix restaurant that serves fish, pasta  (one of the best ones I ever ate!) and more. Its in the middle of the second beach. It has a sign of their special prices for the food, and they have a deck in the front – the food is excellent!

What are the activities worth recommending: I think walking around the village is a must, visiting other small islands around there and riding the horse.

Some smart tips:

1. Restaurants don’t have high chairs for children – so you might want to take something with you.

2. Exchange your money in the airport (the Island has a much higher rate)

3. There is no real hospital/doctor in the island so if you are a worrier by nature I wouldn’t recommend you to go there.

4. I wouldn’t choose to stay at the second beach and first beach. We found the third one perfect as it was more quiet but not completely isolated.

5. Diapers can be expensive so I would bring enough!

Obrigada Davina!

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