Best Chinese restaurants with kids in Singapore

December 29, 2010 2 comments

We’re heading to Singapore today (and dreading the 13 hours flight…). While we first saw it as a stopover on our way to Burma, the more we ask our friends what to do / where to go, the more we wish we had more time to try all the restaurants we’ve been told about. Hmmm that peking duck…

Here are the best Chinese restaurants to try out with kids in Singapore, from two Chinese gourmet friends who live right there.

From my friend Karen, she is the exact definition of a gourmet person. Lives between Singapore and Hong Kong:

For Chinese restaurants, most of the good ones are in malls and hotels. You can try Imperial Treasure Peking Duck at Paragon, Lei Garden at Chijmes or Summer Pavillion at Ritz Carlton. They all serve dim sum in the afternoon and proper chinese dining at night. For local fastfood, any of the food courts in the malls serve the variety and pretty tasty. For a nicer place, the Straits Kitchen at Hyatt serves a local food buffet, which is good. Otherwise, this link has good recommendations on where to spend New Years Eve for dinner.

From our friend Audrey, a Chinese-American expat who lives in Singapore and has two little boys:

Our favorite place is Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant. It’s northern/ Shanghai cuisine.  The food is consistently good and has low MSG use.  Crystal Jade always books up, so you may want to make a reservation in advance.  The one at Ngee Ann City on Orchard Road is good — a nice restaurant, but still fine for kids.  There are fish tanks to look at and then you can go down to the Japanese department store Takashimaya for dessert. Another favourite alternative is Mouth, in Chinatown. It’s better to try the one on Cross Street as it’s the nicest one.

And if you’re fed up of Chinese food, these are two of my friend Magalie’s favorite Italian restaurants

Pasta Brava is located in a pleasant part of town and easy with children. Or Osvaldo Ristorante casual and good food.

LAIP SAB CHIAK, LAIP SAB TUA. Literally means Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow in Hokkien. I kind of like the way it sounds. It’s where a Singapore-based food lover blogs in Singapore. Or try this one too: LadyIronChef, nominated best food blog in Singapore.

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