24Hours in Singapore. Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011 1 comment

Waking up on New Years day, my first observation in Singapore is that the construction workers building that tall condominium across the street are still working today. As a matter of fact, at quarter past midnight last night, as we walked away from the beautiful fireworks at the Marina, there were some people fixing the entrance of a building behind scaffoldings. It says it all about this city that never sleeps. Business, business business. No wonder it’s one of the world fastest-rising economy, 15% growth rate forecast for 2010!! Things are fast here, real fast.

Yesterday was the first in Asia for our round the world, so we did what Singaporean families love to do.

We met our friends Audrey, Jim and their 2 sons for lunch at super child-friendly Casa Verde, a cafe inside the beautifully lush Botanical Garden. The children loved feeding the turtles in the pond.

And then we spent the day at the mall…

First, at the new Marina Bay Sands resort, we marvelled at the construction of that new building with a ship on top, and the highest swimming pool in the world. Non-guests can go up as a visitors, S$20 per person is not cheap but quite worth the 360* view.

It’s fascinating to see the amount of construction going on in the city. With reclaimed land, it feels as if the potentials are limitless.

And Amalya got her first photo shoot with local girls marvelling at her curly hair, the first of three in the same day!

Then we paused at a fish spa. Have you ever tried this? Hilarious! You sit with your feet in an aquarium and some little Doctor fishes come nibble on your skin to make them all exfoliated. Not sure if it works but it was a truly organic pedicure.

I even took Marcelo ice skating inside the Marina Bay mall. Me, who has not ice skated in 30 years and who jokes about the ridiculousness of skiing in Dubai..We did, and it was fun.

And before midnight, we enjoyed a delicious Chinese meal at Crystal Jade Palace in yet another mall, the Takashimaya on Orchard Road, where we then walked up and down. Just like any Singaporean family.



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