Burma far far far away

January 8, 2011 3 comments

Burma, so far: Bagan – Mandalay – Inle Lake

I am writing with a poor internet connection from the shores of Inle Lake in Central Burma. It’s our 6th day in the country and we are now well adjusted to the pace of travelling with Marcelo and Amalya. The children love it so far, as much as we do.

Lots of mixed feelings though. The people are incredibly kind and generous of their genuine smiles. We feel extremely far away from everything (our mobile phones don’t work, and this is the first semi-proper internet connection in a week). And we have seen many beautiful places. Ceki loved Bagan for its 2,200 pagodas. We had fun in the city of Mandalay and I love Inle lake for the serenity of the place. Marcelo and Amalya seem to enjoy almost every bit of the trip. But it’s taken me a while to see beyond the fact that we are in one of the harshest dictatures in the world. I have been to Cuba, Zimbabwe and other dicatorial states before, but never have I sensed such feelings of oppression. It’s on many people’s faces. So it’s hard. It’s a tremendously eye-opening voyage.

Amalya went from arms to arms! A lovely woman, her face covered with Thanaka powder, held her at sunset in Bagan. All children and women wear this natural wonder powder on their face in Burma, it protects from the sun and has many other benefits for the skin.

I will write more, with photos when the connection is better, somewhere else…

Burma is a strong start to our month in South East Asia.

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