Curious George at school in Burma

January 16, 2011 0 comment

I love visiting schools when I travel. In Burma, it was especially nice to do it with Marcelo. He’s turning 5 years old soon and will go to school when we come back to London later this year, so he understood quite well the experience. Amalya pretended as if she was one of them…

School children all over Burma wear a uniform,  green at the bottom and white at the top. You spot them walking to school everywhere in the country and they often need to walk many kilometers to attend class. Marcelo offered 2 of his Curious George books to the class photographed above. We visited it before taking the plane in Ngapali beach. It was a sweet moment. The children (from 5 until 10 years old) did not speak English but their teacher vaguely did and he explained the small  gifts. They all gathered around us, with big smiles. After we left, I wondered if I had done a faux pas by giving the book where Curious Georges is in the hot air balloon visiting Mount Rushmore and all the famous American presidents’ big statues…Luckily the U.S. are no longer advising tourists “to not visit” Burma, as they understood that such policy has no positive results.

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