$1 donation for every 10 visits on BozAround this February

February 2, 2011 2 comments

For every 10 visits we’ll have on BozAround during the month of February 2011, we are going to match it with a US$1.00 donation to a charity related to children in Burma. Spread the word!

As we are soon finishing the 40 days in South East Asia in our round the world (a few more days in Vietnam and onto Hong Kong for Chinese New Year), we realize that Burma is the country that touched our hearts the most, and its children are some of the neediest in the world. Its charities also get the least help from abroad because it’s still so hard to deal with the country. Our friends at Ancient Geographics will help us choose the most dedicated charity working towards improving the lives of Burmese children.

You can email this post, tweet it, facebook it, like it, whatever it is…but tell your friends so that traffic on the blog can translate into something productive this month…Thank you!

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