Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit in Hong Kong

February 10, 2011 0 comment

Waouah! Ohhh! Purple!!! Red!! See the Stars!!! Look at the flower!! This one looks like a heart!!! The 30 minutes or so of fireworks in the bay of Hong Kong for Chinese New Year were the most spectacular we had ever experienced. And the city was extremely quiet during the day, which made it very pleasant to visit. We all loved it in the family. What a fantastic way to finish our trip in South East Asia, the first continent in our round the world.

I am a bit eazylazy to write a whole post on HK now that we have hit Sydney and the sunny beaches. Forgive me..so I will just put here the link to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop newsletter coincidentally out last week, and this article with good tips on 48hours with kids in Hong Kong..

We pretended to be locals in Hong Kong as we had many friends who live there and took us around (thank you all!). Here are some of our favorites:

Spending an afternoon at Shek O beach is really an experience. Less than 30min from the city center by taxi, you’re feet in the water, children playing on the rocks, and all enjoying delicious Thai & Chinese food at the local restaurant.

– Enjoying lunch in a private room at Lei Garden restaurant, the original branch in Wanchai at 338 Henessy Road in the CNT Tower. We were quite lucky to have our chinese friend Karen order and I could not say exactly what we ate…but it was weird and delicious! The great thing about the private room is that the children can play on the floor and nobody minds.

Watching one of the many Lion dance performances around town during Chinese New Year week end.

– And Going up to The Peak, of course, is a must. Go up by taxi and come down with the tramway to avoid the crowds. And leave ample time (at least 2 hours with children) to take the nature walk around the peak. Best is to go on a sunny day so the clouds won’t obscure the view on the bay.

KUNG HE FAT CHOI! (May you have a prosperous Lunar New Year xx)


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