Great Ocean Road colors

March 2, 2011 3 comments

We were radio-silent for a while..Sorry. So much to re-organize as we cancelled 3 weeks of a long-planned vacation in New Zealand due to the earthquake. Had we been without children, we would have sticked to our plans, simply avoiding Christchurch. But everyone told us that the whole country got “morally” affected and that it would not be a happy and relaxed atmosphere. So we’ve promised to go another time.

We were so much looking forward to our campervan trip throughout NZ south island and then some relaxed time at the lovely beach house of Hilly Crisp‘ designer in Gisborne, in NZ north island. Check it out here if you’re ever looking for a kiwi family beach rental in style.

Here is a photo I took at the 12 Apostles after we got the earthquake news. Loved the nostalgic mix of greens and shades of greys.

We were on Great Ocean Road (GOR) in Australia when it all happened, with no internet connection. GOR is an incredibly scenic drive along the coast right after Melbourne in the direction of Adelaide. There are many surfing towns worth stopping by such as Torquay, Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay... We stayed near Port Douglas in a really nice family cottage on a working farm called Bellevue Homestay.  Over 100 acres with cows, alpacas, sheeps, horses all waiting to be fed by our children… The cottage felt very 1950’s and we were happy to celebrate yet another birthday in the family, Ceki’s.


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