Beauty and the Beast, a good read in American Vogue

March 11, 2011 0 comment

I picked up a copy of the March issue of American Vogue at Brisbane airport earlier this week, and was captivated by the interview and portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi, from journalist Elizabeth Rubin. The “Lady”ASSK is the Beauty vs. the head of the junta, the paranoaic dictator General Than Shwe who is the beast.

Photos courtesy of Vogue USA, from here

It’s excellent, and quite unbiased I thought. Elizabeth Rubin manages to show us the criticized side of ASSK, who is sadly running out of amunition to bring her country to democracy. As you might have read from all our posts in January, we were very touched by the Burmese people and our visit to the country. We are still researching for the right project or NGO to support as we have pledged to donate US$4,100 to a worthy cause in Burma. Many thanks to all the visitors on BozAround during the month of February.

On another note, but still on the topic of strong women, read E. Rubin’s (self-portrait) article “Mother courage: being pregnant on the frontline” . Very inspiring too.

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