JM Cousteau Fiji eco-resort is the perfect family getaway

March 16, 2011 6 comments

It’s rare to find a resort that combines all the dream factors at once. I am normally not the type to enjoy all-inclusive places because I don’t like pre-packaged vacations. But JM Cousteau Fiji eco-resort is quite different, truly a gem. We have been touched by the beauty of the place as much as the people. It’s low key yet quite pampering, it’s easy going yet very professional and best of all is the children’s club. We could not have wished for a better surprise.

Here’s why:

– It’s only 25 individual bures (ie. wood and straw cottages) so it does feel very intimate even though you spend your whole time at the resort, eating, playing, drinking, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling… They’re nothing crazy fancy, but just the right amount of comfort and island style decor.

– there’s a fantastic kids club, especially for families with young children. A nanny is attributed to each child under 5, and a buddy to each child over 5 every day from 8am until 9pm!! All included in the price, and up to 2 children per family sleep and eat free.

Kessa, Marcelo and Amalya all chic and ready for a Sunday morning outing to the local church

– The 220 staff (for only 25 bure!!) is all local, from the villages around, yet very professional and experienced as they have been working there for years, carefully trained by the management. There is a genuine conviviality that creates a wonderful atmosphere. You arrive,and are greeted by a sincere Welcome Home. Loved it.

The scope of activities is huge, which was so different than our expectations of an island resort. We left after a week frustrated that we could not do everything. We did learn to scuba dive and are now PADI Open Water certified, an achievement we’re quite proud of!! Especially to have learnt at one of French marine explorer Mr Cousteau’s center. You can go kayaking, snorkeling with the marine biologist on residence, trekking to waterfalls or to the surrounding villages..Every day there is a program for adults with lots of good activities.

Colourful bus for the afternoon excursions, and Marcelo snorkeling with his buddy Davis

The program in the children’s club is equally attractive. Kayaking in the glass bottom kayak or going in the boat, Marcelo learnt to snorkel thanks to Davis, his super nice buddy. Painting tee shirts with a big BULA (pronounced Boolah = hello!) on it, collecting sea shells, playing in one of the 3 swimming pools specially for children, learning to play chess with the giant chess board, and many more.. At every dinner, 3 or 4 guitarists come by and sing for the children some local music. It’s all very caring and natural.

– The food was really good and varied even though it’s just one restaurant in the resort. The massages were perfect, and there’s even a free internet connection throughout, and no tv’s or phones, which I thought was the right order of priority.

It’s far, very far to come here, especially if you live in Europe. But it’s soooo worth it if you’re looking to be away from it all.


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