Full moon party (with 2 kids) in the Atacama desert

March 21, 2011 3 comments

The Moon Valley, the Death Valley, the Salt Desert, the Oasis of San Pedro de Atacama. We’re in North Chile right now, 2 hours by plane from Santiago. We feel like we’re at the edge of the earth. Lunar landscapes, active volcanoes still covered with snow, the Andes Mountain rising to above 4,500m in front of us. It’s out of this world. Just sharing some photos as it leaves us quite speechless (except our little chatterbox Marcelo and little miss bossy Amalya).

Sunset in the Valle de la Luna

On the road to the full moon party (a mid-30’s version, that is)…

A family full moon party means Building Apachetas (small piles of rocks, literally meaning “the source where the flow begins”)…

And the day after, we went hiking in the canyons of Carape. Loved the trekking style of our guide Mavel. She simply unzipped her trekking short/pants and let the bottom part hang loose on top of her shoes. Suddenly, trekking took on a whole new meaning.

OK, it’s not necessarily easy to be in the Atacama desert with 2 young children because it’s a lot of outdoor activities in one of the driest desert on earth (10% humidity!). Horse back riding, Hiking to high altitude, Sandboarding (did not try it), Mountain Biking. There are tons of excursions to take. Also, it’s quite hot in the day, and chilly at night (best time to visit: May-June and October but really, the whole year is good). But I think it’d be an amazing experience for a family with teenagers.

With the help of our wonderful lodge Awasi, we found a very sweet babysitter, Carola, with whom Marcelo and Amalya play with for half days at a time. It all works perfect. There’s another family with 3 teenagers in the hotel, and from what I saw around the bonfire tonight, they seem to be having a real bonding experience.

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