Waiting for you with open hearts, in Chilean Patagonia

March 28, 2011 0 comment

We found a gem of a little family hotel in Punta Arenas, the main city of Chilean Patagonia. Unfortunately, we only spent one night there, but it was a true home away from home.

this is the Chilean flag & the Patagonian flag

Ilaia means “further south” in the language of the Yagán people, the most austral population on the planet, now almost entirely disappeared.

Ilaia Hotel is run from the heart. You feel it from the moment you make a reservation by email, and they answer you in signature waiting for you with a smile. Loved it! If you ever need a place to stay in Punta Arenas, on your way to the great outdoors of Chilean Patagonia (writing from the natural park of Torres del Paine right now), book one of the family rooms in Hotel Ilaia.

There are several things to do with Punta Arenas as a base, including paying a visit to the penguin colony of Isla Magdalena (requires at least 5 hours), or closer, to Sono Otway. Taking a a day trip to see whales. The hotel can help you arrange everything.

the penguins did not mind the incredible wind

And from Punta Arenas (the biggest airport in the region), you can drive 4 hours to Puerto Natales which is then the gateway to the natural park of Torres del Paine. My feet, my arms, my hands hurt so much from all the trekking we did these past 4 days, sorry i can’t write more right now!

a hug into the light… (that was another of Ilaia’s email signature. Felt good too)

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