Arriving in Jorge Luis Borges’ Buenos Aires

April 5, 2011 0 comment

We’ve been in Buenos Aires for a few days now, living like porteños. Everywhere, I am reminded of this poem Las Calles / The Streets from one of Argentina’s most famous poet, Jorge Luis Borges. He used to live around the corner from where we are renting an apartment, in the neighborhood of Palermo Viejo. This is a little extract:

My soul is in the streets

of Buenos Aires.

Not the greedy streets

jostling with crowds and traffic,

but the neighborhood streets where nothing is happening,

almost invisible by force of habit,

rendered eternal in the dim light of sunset.

Photo above courtesy of this blog

Buenos Aires is a big and busy city. Located towards the north, Palermo Viejo and Palermo Hollywood are the most pleasant parts of town with the children, because they are calmer, with less traffic yet they’re quite hip and happening. For family-friendly accommodations, I think it makes sense to rent a place (try this link, or that one too), although Home Hotel seems like an excellent blend between hotel & apartment with their family lofts. To be continued…

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