After thoughts from visiting the Recoleta cemetery

April 23, 2011 2 comments

I was debating for a little while whether to keep these words below for myself, but in the end, I find them so touching and expressive of what a 5-year old might think of after-life that I decided to share them with you.

We visited the famous and worthwhile seeing Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires. It was Marcelo’s first time ever visit to a cemetery and as you might be aware with your own children, 5-year old is the age of quite a few metaphysic questions. As we are a bit of a hybrid family when it comes to religion, I had never really talked about death & after-life with Marcelo…This visit brought a lot of questions and an open discussion, which I think was a healthy way to talk about a rather difficult subject.


This is what Marcelo told me that night, before going to sleep:

Maman, you know what…

When there will only be your bones,

I will re-build you, and I will hold your hand,

And I will cuddle with you.

I will never bury you.

I will put you in my bedroom in your box, and I will sleep next to you.


Wishing you a Happy Easter or Happy Passover in case you celebrate them this week end.

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