The forgotten world

June 2, 2011 3 comments

I have always had a keen interest in photo journalism and war reporters. They see things we can’t see. They go to places  we can’t imagine going to. Let alone with children…

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article from the FT week end section, Death or Glory, from famous (and now retired) war reporter Max Hastings. It  was very good at explaining the rational & irrational behind becoming a grand reporter.  You might also remember the beautiful work from Caroline Irby A Child from Everywhere, which I talked about in this post last year… And just recently the 2011 World Press award in the category Daily Life went to Feisal Omar for his photo of a man carrying a shark in the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia. You might have seen it in the newspapers. Striking. And an amazing photo to share with the children.

Well, I am mentioning all of this because today I got to find out about the work of Omar Havana on Leila’s always exciting NinuNina blog. His recent work is about Cambodia and the many many children smiles he encountered while living there. Something that deeply moved us too when we were there with our children this past January (Read the post Smiles here)

Omar Havana sees Cambodia as part of the Forgotten World, since not many people know the reality there. During our Round the World, we certainly felt as such in Cambodia. And in Burma. And in Fiji. And even in Australia where no-one ever talks about the arborigines terrible conditions of living.

Some random thoughts, I know…but I thought it’d be good food for thought…

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