The story of the Indian Geek deep in the Brazilian Amazon

July 27, 2011 0 comment

This story will transport you in awe and inspiration. It’s the story of an Indian geek named Almir Narayamogo (36 years old), head of the Surui tribe deep in the Brazilian Amazon forest. With the support of Google earth and smart phones, the back up of a few powerful NGO’s and the good words of Al Gore, Almir Narayamogo tracks illegal loggings and is (hopefully) on his way to replanting 1mln trees in 50 years in his forest in the state of Rondonia, near the border with Bolivia.

It is first this beautiful and surprising portrait of photojournalist Ivan Kashinsky that caught my attention.


Almir Narayamogo’s tribe went from 5,000 in 1969 (before the first contact with white men) to less than 300 and the tribe’s 2,500m2 forest similarly suffered terribly from smugglers. Almir set a precedent by going to university and later banging at the doors of Google’s offices in Palo Alto to raise awareness on his cause… Even though his head still carries a price of US$100,000, he continues the peaceful fight and has already planted over 120,000 trees in partnership with the Swiss NGO Acquaverde.

His portrait with a full article were recently published in the Chilean newspaper Que Pasa and if you can read Spanish, click here. I read it in this week’s edition of Courier International (no 1081), a weekly compilation in French of the most interesting articles from the press around the world….Let’s hope Almir will get his story soon covered by more newspapers.

You can click here to sign the Avaaz petition that will help raise awareness on Amazon forest.

And how about planting a tree in the Brazlian Amazon in the name of a child next time you are looking for a gift…Click here

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