The perfect travel journal

August 11, 2011 1 comment

Each time I am in Paris, I stop by the store Merci to see what marvellous little treasure I can find. This week was no exception, and I picked this Carnet de Voyage aka Travel Notebook. It’s the perfect follow up to my now-overflowing travel journal from Sukie


These notebooks also make for a perfect gift. They have inserts to collect bits and pieces. And the quality of the paper is really good for sketching too.

Merci doesn’t sell online, and when they don’t do swap shops (read here an earlier post) there is only one shop in the world, in Le Marais on Boulevard Beaumarchais. So you’ll have to commission a friend in Paris if you have no trip planned there. Or make it the perfect excuse to organise a little Parisian shopping time in the early fall…

merci merci

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