not your usual member’s club

August 29, 2011 1 comment

I’ve always thought the idea of counting the number of countries I visited in my life a foolish thing to do. And I never did until today when I heard of the Traveler’s Century Club (TCC)

It’s a rather old-fashioned members club based in Texas (USA). Founded in 1954 ,its principle relies on this single rule:

Membership in the Travelers’ Century Club (TCC) is limited to those travelers who have visited one hundred or more countries of the world (based on their list of 321 countries in the world). So I counted, and I am not there yet!

I am not going to tell you how many countries I have checked on the list. It would be called bragging about myself and as we all know as parents, it’s a no-no. But it’s an interesting reality check. Arguably, this club is not particularly child-friendly.

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