Glamping must-have accessory #2: Falcon enamelware

September 26, 2011 0 comment

Enamelware is the perfect glamping companion. It’s ultra resistant, gets cleaned in a second without leaving stains, cannot burn and it’s soooo utilitarian-chic.

Ice-white with a distinctive blue rim, Falcon enamelware has been an icon of British home life since the 1920’s. A new range & new colours have just launched, a collaboration between London-based designers KIWI&POM and Morse Studio. I spotted their products this past week end at a small but perfectly edited design show called Tramshed in East London. With very soft lines and simple colour combinations such as sky blue and pigeon grey, Falcon is bringing back to life those old pieces we used to find at grandma’s house or on scouts trips.


Out plasticware! In enamelware!

All photo credits: Sam Stowell

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