make the world your own. yeah right.

October 16, 2011 0 comment

I am still pinching myself. Could this really be a photography? Is this really the scale of the megalomaniac Dubai World project? Could we – ie. the humanity – be so arrogant as to think we can defy nature in such a grand proportion? Because we all need to take in a bit of responsibility, don’t we?!

A highlight in our visit to Frieze Art Fair London this week end was this massive piece from Andreas Gursky – Dubai World III. On sale for 450,000 pounds if you’d like to make the world your own.

Read here if you’d like to know more how Dubai World was made “a destination that allows investors to chart their own course and make the world their own

Ps: did you know there’s a good education program for children 5 and above at Frieze?

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