Patmos Prints and Patterns

October 26, 2011 0 comment

Looking for a wallpaper for your computer maybe? This image is the one I have on my screen right now, souvenir of our wonderful little place on Patmos island last August. I’ve written about Patmos before (read here), I fell in love with it (although I confess I don’t know any other Greek island and I am sure there are many more such gems). We rented a 3 bedroom apartment which also goes by the room (for Eur50 per room) with the most incredible views and terrace over the island and all the basic comfort and charm that one needs for a family on a Greek island.

This crazy mismatch of prints and patterns in the kitchen put a smile on our face every morning as we were reaching out to the fridge and feisting on Greek yoghurt, walnuts and honey (a typical breakfast).



The place is owned by 2 sisters (just the way you would imagine them, friendly and attentive, wearing long black skirts every day) and you can rent it by calling Georgia on +30 224 70 31 963 or sending a fax (yep, the old school way). Beware, they only speak Greek so you’d better find a Greek friend to make that call (thank you Nicos!)


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