Burma on everyone’s travel list

January 18, 2012 0 comment

There’s been a flow of positive news coming out of Burma all through 2011 and it’s raised a light on this incredibly beautiful country. A year ago we were there with Marcelo and Amalya, starting our journey around the world. And when we completed our trip 5 months later, we felt that Burma was the one country that had touched our hearts the most. The people first, who are incredibly generous and genuine. The overwhelming presence of buddhism gives the country a strong spritiual identity. And the landscape, the thousand pagodas, the subdued colours, the intense light, it’s a very special place.



People in the tourism industry like to say that Burma today is like Thailand 60 years ago. It’s probably true in many respects. The infrastructure is not good, the hospitality industry is not much developed, and the country is seldom visited. But it seems that all of this might change, and this means, Get There As Soon As You Can. Seriously.



I am cautiously hopeful for the country, having felt last year how desperate many Burmese are. You can read my posts as we traveled along, here and an interview of the local travel agent that we had used, Ancient Geographics. However, I am concerned that, like many other countries who have seen booms in foreign interest in a short time, it might not know how to cope with development, especially since the country is still very much run by the corrupted junta.


This week, I discovered a wonderful blog called Les Tartines de Sidonie. Sidonie has just published her carnets de voyage on Burma where she traveled with husband and their 3 boys over the summer 2011, for a month. I loved reading it, because they did it rough, real, taking buses to travel long distances, getting their feet dirty in the mud and jumping in the rivers everywhere. It made me want to go back. We traveled for only 12 days, which was a bit rushed, and as Amalya was still only 18months, we were not so courageous to travel independently. Sidonie’s carnets are very inspiring. You might not understand French, but at least you will appreciate the beauty of Sidonie’s photos. And this wonderful video, well worth watching (sorry i did not manage to embed it). Click here.

If you’re wondering where to go next, with our without the children, think about Burma…

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