A good reason to travel to Dubai this March

February 20, 2012 4 comments

Beloved Marrakech-based designers Zid Zid Kids are teaming up with the very talented Tangier-based artist Yto Barrada to create an installation titled Morocco to the Moon, which will be on show at the Dubai Art Fair this March. It’s one of those exciting association of talents, which Louis Vuitton & Dubai Art Fair are exclusively supporting,

Morocco to the Moon lounge will be an interactive installation inspired by the 1950’s universe of astronauts, space monsters and space robots – where kids and adults can explore, get creative and even enjoy an ice cream in a unique way. And when the art fair is over, the Dubai store of Louis Vuitton (did you know that they have a children’s section at Louis Vuitton?) will be selling all the one-of-a-kind Zid Zid Kids items used at the installation….Zid Zid + Yto + LV + Dubai Art = Finally a good reason to go to Dubai:-)

Ps: read here Zid Zid Kids interview on BozAround last year, talking about the delights of a family stay in Marrakech.

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