India – Fall in love with the Love Travel guides

March 26, 2012 2 comments

Travelling in India is all about using our senses. And falling in love. That’s how I felt each time I visited this incredible country.

In love with the intense light, the taste of the curries, the smell of incense, the beauty of those saris, the noise of the incessant traffic, the feeling that we’ve touched a very different land indeed. If you plan on travelling in India, or just want to be inspired, get a hold of those beautiful hand-books for the luxury vagabond:  The Love Travel guides. After the publication of Love Jaipur, Love Delhi, Love Mumbai and Love Bengaluru, the new addition to the family is Love Goa:

This passionately curated guide from acclaimed travel writer Fiona Caulfield took two years to research and is designed for the discerning traveller who wants authenticity in style. I’d like to think that this is you & me:-)

The Love Travel guides are printed on paper handmade in Jaipur, handcrafted with care by local fashion designers and crafts people. The hand-loom khadi covers were developed in partnership with Delhi based designer Sonam Dubal of Sanskar and are woven in Andhra Pradesh. As you see, Fiona Caufield cares about conscious travel, and we should all do.

Click here for a list of stockists around the world. And here for the interview of the designer from NanaKi about Goa, here for the interview of the designer from Dents de Loup in Pondicherry, here for a recollection of my incredible trip through Rajasthan, or here for our vacation in Kerala. And Spread the Love.

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