Show & Tell with Oeuf touring the Canadian Rockies

March 30, 2012 1 comment
Sophie Demenge from Oeuf shares her family adventure in Canada. It’s actually the tale of 3 families & 9 children touring the Canadian Rockies together last summer in 3 camper vans. From 4 til 13, in this order: Marcel and Yaniv  4, Noam and Marius 6, Mae Emile and Yael 8, Einav 11 and Ofir 13. Yeah! Good old fun like balancing on logs, snowball fights, making a fire, rock throwing contest, rafting and lots of laughs. An experience of a lifetime.
Sophie is half the creative mind behind Oeuf, a Brooklyn-based beloved brand of children’s furniture, accessories, and now also clothing. Oeuf is a true pioneer in the world of smart design for children. In the Boz family, we got their fantastic convertible cot-to-toddler bed when Marcelo arrived. He passed it on to Amalya, who’s now getting ready to let ‘le bebe’ sleep in it this summer. At that point, I’ll get Marcelo and Amalya an Oeuf bunk bed. And when the growth spurt is complete, I’ll look for storage and save them for my grand-children (!). Our Oeuf furniture will have been the best design investment we’ve made for our children…back to the interview.
We arrived in Calgary and spent the first night in a campground outside the city, not interesting at all but my sister and her family arrived very late from Hong Kong so that was the easiest meeting place.  If you don’t have to, go straight to Banff. Next morning, off to the Banff National park, we took the gondola,a must all the way up and then walked down for a beautiful walk of a good 2.5 hrs. We only reserved in one campsite for three nights of the seven (which was not the best idea although it gave us some flexibility, it did end up with a couple of campsites with no water/electricity, yikes!).
Lake Louise is magical (you absolutely have to go on the canoes). A few kids and I took a plunge from a bridge in Emerald lake, temperature 1degree, swam as fast as we could to the shore gasping for air as a few Japanese were taking pictures..
Yoho Peyto (photo above) is spectacular and snow ball fights in July are double fun. The hike to Ink Pots as completely worth it, with amazing waterfalls and turquoise water in small natural pools (hence ink pots) at the end of the hike. Don’t forget your Kway though or one of those $1 plastic poncho from the deli. There’s a nice little cafe at the bottom for a well deserved hot coco.
The rafting was in Jasper where they offer it for all levels. We made the arrangement in town.
We rafted at the kids level and it was plenty bumpy for all of us. We were wet enough and everyone had such fun!
The campgrounds were very easy to find and while I don’t remember their names, National geography has this great itinerary.
We rented our RVs online from Canadream and flew to Calgary where we picked them up. They were super friendly, easygoing and professional.
We shared so many great moments. Seeing my kids being in awe of nature was wonderful. They would do 10km hikes without thinking twice,whereas in Brooklyn they complain to walk three blocks to school. As trivial as it sounds being surrounded with such natural beauty is humbling and exhilarating. We had goose bumps just looking around.


– When you reserve you RV, definitely get the package of plate/sheets/towels, etc.. It doesn’t come with the rental!!  We went in July, some days we needed just teeshirts and others a couple of layers of fleece and hats so make sure you have plenty of both. But RV sleeping is a lot more comfortable than I thought. That was a nice surprise.

– We had walkie talkies in the 3 RVs and it would have been hard to coordinate the last minute changes, kids head counts (they would rotate at will in the RVs), etc..without it.
Buy the year pass to visit the sites, it will end up cheaper than to get a pass each time and you won’t have to be on line.
– It’s a good idea to start early in the morning, you will have the mountains to yourself. Although we went during the high season, the park is so huge that we never felt crowded, even when the campgrounds are at full capacity. The dense woods and the layout are such that it’s very comfortable.
– Make sure your campground has all the hook-ups. Give yourself plenty of time to drive back to drop off off the RV in time at the end of your trip. We almost didn’t make it!
– The horseback riding is supposed to be a thrill although we did not manage to fit in in.
Oeuf products are distributed around the world. Click here to find out where.

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