Mongolia, at dawn

April 17, 2012 0 comment

There’s a relatively new magazine on photo-journalism out from France called 6 Mois (aka 6 months – it’s out twice a year). It actually looks more like a book than a magazine and I look forward to every new issue. The topics covered, the quality of the work presented and the emerging artists featured all make it a stand-out publication.

The work of photographer Alessandro Grassani caught my attention, perhaps because I’ve had Mongolia on my mind this year. Remember this post about the Weeping camel?

The Tsamba family raises sheep in the province of Arkhangay, in the heart of Mongolia. When Batgargal, the man of the family, goes out to look after the herd, his wife Erdene Tuya and their son Tuvchinj wake up. Each night, Tuvchinj falls asleep holding a lamb in his arms.

A. Grassani took the above photo as part of a project studying environmental migrations in Mongolia. The country is going thru tremendous changes at present. Some good as the economic standards are rising significantly, but some bad as there are a lot of population displacement involved, and great risks on the environment. There’s never been a better time to visit the country as a tourist and with children old enough to enjoy horseback riding and sleeping a bit rough in the great plains, I think it could be a beautiful family experience.

Ps: did you know that Mongolia produces some of the best wrestlers in the world, and many of them have been breastfed til they were 4 years old (according to this interesting post on Babble today about baby rituals from around the world!)

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