Flamingos. Where are you?

March 23, 2013 1 comment

We were talking about flamingos with the children yesterday. Do they really fly? Where can we see them? Are they always pink? And bam! I received an email from one of my favourite children’s tee brand, Dandystar with this stunning visual:

Dandystar's flamingo

It got me curious to do a little search on where are the best places on earth to go see flamingos:

The American flamingos are native in the Caribbean. They are relatively easy to see in the Bahamas (their official bird is the flamingo!), Aruba (they even have a beach called Flamingo beach!) and Cuba. Some wild ones travel as far north as Florida and are often sighted in Key Biscayne and the Everglades National Park. I wrote this post once on the Keys (FL).

The South American residents can be found in Bolivia (I’m dreaming to visit the Salar de Uyuni one day), and wild populations are common in Argentina, northeastern Chile (we missed them in the Atacama desert during our trip around the world. so sad) and throughout Ecuador and Venezuela.

The African flamingos are mostly throughout the Great Rift Valley, such as Lake Natron in Tanzania, Lake Bogoria National Park in Kenya and Lake Nakuru, also in Kenya.

– In the Middle East: After the breeding season, flamingos regularly migrate to areas of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

– Near the Mediterranean: they spread from Tunisia to Egypt along the coast.

Voila. If you’re asked, now you’ll know:-)

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