Sweet Dreams in Ubatuba, Brazil

April 3, 2013 3 comments

I am launching a new section on the blog: Sweet Dreams.

It’s going to be a collection of wonderful places to sleep with the children around the world. Cities, Countryside, Beach, Glamping, Trekking, Boating maybe! Hotels, Apartments to Rent, Homes to Swap, B&Bs, Farmstays…There are so many ways to travel comfortably with a certain sense of adventure these days. I’ll try to explain each time why I think it’s well suited to families.

When we went around the world two years ago, I worked hard to find homes away from home. I felt it was the pre-requisite to being on the road for so long without feeling homesick. In the end, no-one ever got sick, let alone homesick. Maybe we were just lucky.

To start this section…tatatam…here is…: The R.R. House in Ubatuba, BrazilWhen I get the urge to hear the waves and feel the sun on my skin, I close my eyes and I try to remember our lazy days there (read here). Previously only for the use of its owners & their friends, the RR House is now available to rent.

Designed by a famous architectural firm from Sao Paulo, it’s been built entirely with wood and local primary materials. The house is on one of the most beautiful beaches I know, 10 meters away but hidden among luxurious vegetation.

The R. R. House    The R. R. House

Everything about it screams ‘back to simplicity..back to nature‘. The 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms can accommodate a family of 6/7 comfortably and there are lots of decks and open spaces with hammocs to relax.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 16.14.18

It’s barefoot living, food is generous and delicious served by the long time helper Maria who also takes care of housekeeping and will get your shopping list at the local supermarket ahead of your arrival, nappies included. There are no techy gadgets but a few surf boards and bicycles and games for those rainy afternoons (they do happen quite often and are usually a welcome refresher). Bring books & DVDs, some legos, arts & crafts (and perhaps a bit of homework?!) and get the whole family in a chilled and bonding family mode, far away from home.



To get there, it’s about 3hours drive from the SP airport and it’s best to come with your own rental car as you will need it to go food shopping or exploring around the many beautiful spots, including the  Unesco-protected town of Paraty. I wrote quite a bit before about what we did / what we liked etc..read here for more. And print this list if you need a few useful Portuguese words:-)

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