Swap Swap and Behomm

November 22, 2013 10 comments

Our decisions are more often than not driven by a sense of community, of belonging. This is truer than ever in the travel market. I talked about Kid & Coe recently, a brand new website dedicated to allowing design-loving families to rent vacation properties from other like-minded families.

Enter Behomm, a home exchange community for designers and visual artists.

Behomm in Spain   Copenhagen (Interior Designer) -110m2

The image on the left belongs to the house of a creative director in Barcelona. The one on the right, to an interior designer in Copenhagen.

Behomm in Kenya   Behomm Barcelona

Above left, in Kenya in the house of a fashion designer. And right, in Barcelona.

The site lets you swap tasteful properties within a membership-only group where all the members have joined by invitation-only. The criteria to ‘enter the club” can sound very exclusive – how about if you’re a doctor with an incredible eye for design?? – but I guess this guarantees the like-mindedness of the members, something that is at the heart of swapping.  My house is yours. Your house is mine. As long as we think alike, as long as we respect each others along a similar set of values. (read here for an older post on this too).

The cool factor keeps on getting cooler in the home-away-from-home market.

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