Thank you Merci & Bon Voyage!

My favorite (everyone’s favorite?!) concept store in Paris, Merci, has just opened a curated exhibition called Bon Voyage. It’s a smart selection of beautiful x useful items to hit the road well prepared, find your luggages easily at the airport, get the children  entertained, collect memories in pretty notebooks etc..

Bon Voyage c/o Merci

Merci has teamed up with Flight 001, one the first and coolest shop dedicated to the world of travelling in styleread this post that I wrote back in 2009 (!) about how I used to daydream inside the little Flight 001 shop in the village in New York, drooling over the many beautiful city guides on display.

Last week end again, in Istanbul, I was filling my Merci carnet de voyage with all sorts of keepsakes and scribbles from my discoveries in the city. Thank you Merci for being one of the best shop in the world!

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