12 trips to take before 12

That’s a catchy title, isn’t it?! I read it on a recent newsletter of the agency Steppes Travel, which I re-publish here because I enjoyed it so much (the photos are all from Steppes Travel). Most parents will not have been to any of those places by the time they turned 41, but that’s the point: it’s easier than ever to travel to remote corners of the world with children. It’s all in the mindset (and in the budget). I’ve tried to pair the ideas below with places where BozAround has been. Have you taken any of those trips with your kids? 

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1. Learn Bushcraft: Throw a spear, hunt for mud crabs, taste bush tucker and learn about bush medicines. Or read about our time in Australia here, here or here.

2. Be a Gladiator: Maximus adventure sword fighting at the Colosseum in Rome. Thumbs up for a glorious victory.  BozAround was in Italy here and here.

3. Swing like Tarzan: Zip line the Costa Rican canopies for thrills and an array of wildlife. Or you can see beautiful canopies here.

4. Ride an Elephant: Make like Mowgli, ride through the Indian jungle, perhaps to meet Sher khan. Or in Chiang Mai it was great too.

5. Be like Indiana:  Explore the Mayan ancient ruins of the Yucatan peninsula Indiana Jones style. Read here the interview of Crewcuts in Yucatan. The Buddhist temples of Burma and Cambodia would do the Indiana trick too. 

6. Track the Big 5: Safari without the crowds in Zimbabwe and see how many species you find. I’ve been wanting to go back so much after I read this.

7. Fossil Hunt: Visit Mongolia, where the first nests of dinosaur eggs were found. Or watch this movie ’til you can make it there.

8. Learn Archery: Discover the National Sport of Bhutan and all this magical Tolkienesque kingdom has to offer. BozAround in Bhutan last year is all covered here.

9. Swim with Sealions: Snorkelling in the Galapagos, blow bubbles at sealions and see what happens. Or say hello to the penguins in Patagonia.

10. Warrior Walk: Join the Masai, learn a Kenyan tribal dance or see how high you can jump. Or go skateboarding in Uganda!

11. Make a difference: Support wildlife conservation, adopt or even meet an orangutan and the people helping them. Or volunteer with Projects Abroad.

12. Go Wild: Raft, fish, zipline, whale or bear watch and more at Canada’s Clayoquot luxury camp. Or tour the Rockies in a camper van like Oeuf did.

Ps: I enjoyed reading here the places most remembered by the founder of Steppes Travel, Nick Laing. Just this w/e, I was trying to convince Ceki that Ethiopia should be high on our travel list – as soon as Lior is a bit older.

Ps2: I am not getting any kickbacks from Steppes Travel! I actually did not even know about this UK travel agent until my sweet friend Robin in NY thought about me and forwarded their newsletter last week:)

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