I love it. I want it. I need it.

Did Isabel Marant peak inside my brain when she designed her SS14 collection all inspired by Japan? Is it a subliminal message targeted to moi?? I have been researching travel tips on Japan day and night lately, and if you have good ones please pass them on! We’ll be there with the children in April, a last minute decision / a long time dream about to turn reality, helped by the fact that we’re renting our apartment the entire Easter break. So I now have one month to put together a 2 weeks itinerary with 3 young children. Kawai! And with the sakura season coming up (aka cherry blossom), all the hotels / ryokan / inns are full apparently..not an easy task.


When I saw this sweatshirt over the week end, I screamed: I love it. I want it. I need it. And then I heard Amalya’s  little voice correct me with a “not I want but I would like, maman“. And “please“, always. I know we’ll all be lost in translation when we wake up in Tokyo, so I might really need this one too?


Meanwhile, if it gets quite hot and sunny, I might be needing this one as well?


Etoile is the more accessible line from Isabel Marant.

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