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Behind BozAround is Vanessa Boz

The short cut:
I am French, live in London, have three children, love to share, love pretty things, love travel.
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The detour:
I got a summer job once as a flight attendant, and the travel fever never went away. I left my hometown, Paris, to live in Madrid, Boston and Sao Paolo. I thought I had settled in New York, where I spent ten amazing years, and then London came calling. That’s where I live today with my Turkish husband and our three children. I am always on the lookout for the best trips to take my Boz gang around.

I see myself as some sort of a match maker. Let me explain. When I like something, I love to think of whom I know that would like it too, and share it with that person. That’s how this blog was born back in 2010, before we embarked on our sabbatical trip around the world.

Having children should be no reason to shy away from traveling, on the contrary. In French, we say les voyages forment la jeunesse… And having children doesn’t mean that we don’t have time to do it in style anymore. Traveling with children gives the journey a whole new meaning and purpose. It is a unique way to expose them to the beauty of this world, to help them grow as considerate and generous global citizens. We live in times where borders and mentalities are closing. Traveling, seeing the world with our own eyes might be the antidote for tolerance to survive.

This blog post I am a pure and proud product of immigration is a personal favorite. It gives a bit of perspective on the values that are dear to me, and the thrill that I get from being on the road.

I have been writing about travel and design for the last twelve years, as the correspondent of Milk Magazine in London and as a contributor to prints and online publications such as Marie-Claire, Suitcase Magazine, le Collectionist, Momfilter, Babyccino etc. I enjoy writing both in French and in English.

I also love to roll up my sleeves and launch things. I started my career in a very serious job in Wall Street (yes I did!). I then co-founded the children’s trade shows Bubble in New York and London. My husband and I decided to take off and travel the world with our children in 2011 and I documented our sabbatical as we went along. I launched a social community around travel, moodAway, for people to share their trips in a personalised and highly visual way. A sort of Pinterest + Instagram + tripAdvisor. My heart is now in travel philanthropy. I am working on the idea of The Generous Traveler, a digital platform to connect global travelers with local charities and organisations doing good on the ground. I’d love love love to get your thoughts on it.

I am always on the lookout for exciting new ventures, whether as a consultant or with little ideas of my own. If you’d like to discuss work projects, drop me a line:

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I would love to hear from you as well, and get to know you a bit. Do get in touch anytime by email, in the comment box or on any of the social media.

A huge MERCI for reading me.

x vanessa





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