30 good books for kids with wanderlust

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Kids have wanderlust too. And if they don’t, this list should give them some.

In honour of World Book Day, I have put together a list of 30 books that my children have truly enjoyed reading. They are all about people and places in the world. We try to visit local bookshops whenever we travel, and it’s such fun when we stumble upon books printed in both the local language and English (or French in our case).

The suggestions are organised in 3 age groups, based on my own experience. Amalya and Lior still enjoy being read the same story sometimes. And Marcelo and Amalya often trade books, so this list is quite fluid.

I tried to point to a variety of online shops not to give the hegemony to Amazon (dream big!)! If you have a favorite bookshop in your hometown, would you share the name in the comments section? We can all do our part to support independent bookshops, they are a precious but disappearing tribe. In London, our go-to bookshop is Daunt books, especially the one located on Marylebone High Street, with the prettiest wood-panelled room in the back all about travel.

Also, I linked each book to a post written about the destination for parents with wanderlust.

For younger children, approximately 5-8 years old:

For 7-10 years old:

For 8-13 years old:

I like this quote from Michael Mopurgo’s website:

Stories make you think and dream; books make you want to ask questions.

Happy Reading & happy snug times, especially if you are, like us, caught in The Beast from the East. Now, that sounds like a catchy title for a children’s travel book…

Ps: Is there any book you’d like to add to the list? 

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