Editorial works


Special 10 years old Marie-Claire Enfants

Chateau Gudanes, Milk Decoration Supplement Vacances

Wake Up Here, Suitcase Magazine #22

Sri Lanka, Marie Claire Enfants

Istanbul, Milk Decoration #10

Small in Japan, Kinda Magazine

Amalfi Coast, Le Collectionist

The Frontiers Are My Prison, momfilter

Under the Provence sun, Kinda Magazine

Galapagos Safari Camp, Milk Magazine #44

Babington House, England – Milk Magazine #32

The Wild Rabbit, England – Milk Decoration #9

Under The Spell Of Les Alpilles, Le Collectionist Website

Istanbul, Milk Magazine

A Mother & Daughter Weekend in Sevilla, Spain… Ole! – Pirouette

The Green school, Bali – Milk Magazine #23

The Grove Hotel, England – Milk Magazine #19

Sleeping Under Stars, momfilter

Paris: All My Favorites, momfilter

Skull love from Lahsa, Tibet, Pirouette

City Guide London, Milk Magazine #19



At home in Kent with Mini Modern designers – Milk Deco #8

At home in London with Tom Jones, entrepreneur – Milk Deco #6

Famille Karine Kong London 1, Milk Decoration #6

At home Upstate NY with Yolanda Edwards, creative director Conde Nast Travel – Milk Decoration #5

At home in New York with Nathalie Sears, fashion entrepreneur – Milk Deco #5

At home in Brooklyn with Pilar Guzman, editor in chief Conde Nast Travel – Milk Decoration #7

Famille Neryl Tim Melbourne, Milk Decoration #3

At home in Melbourne with Natalie Jefcott, photographer – Milk Decoration #3

At home in London with Nina Blychert, illustrator – Milk Deco #4

Famille Esta London, Milk Decoration #4

At home with Siren Beckman, architect in London – Milk Deco #2

At home in Tokyo with Gwenael Nicolas, architect – Milk Deco #4

At home in London with Alex Cochrane, architect – Milk Deco #2

Famille Ashlyn Olive London, Milk Magazine #2

The Rug Company, Milk Magazine #27

Chambres Londres industrielles, Milk Magazine #24

Famille Nina London, Milk Decoration #4

Sania Pell Londres – eclectic familly, MilK, Magazine #19


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