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If, like me, you’re old enough to have lived through September 11th and feel moved this week, you might have thought there would never again be such drama in our lives. Well, we can all agree that the shitshow – let’s call a cat a cat – of 2020’s covid-19 is on par with some of the most marking events of the century.

Backtrack to a year ago when I launched a new business, BozAround Private Travel, a new website, along with The Generous Traveler, the philanthropic travel platform that I created in 2018.

It all started beautifully, with an exciting flow of trips that I designed for many diverse and curious families. Peru and the Galapagos for 2 families traveling together. A 40th birthday celebration in Puglia. A road trip in California. Adventures in the jungles of Belize. Celebrating the Olympics in Japan with the kids. Chilling out in Ile de Ré. And so many more. But all this was soon followed by a mad flow of cancellations and postponements.

I worked incessantly to get every single one of my clients reimbursed or rescheduled. I attended countless webinars and virtual workshops to deepen my knowledge of the business of travel while the children were homeschooled. And I don’t feel sorry for myself in the very least. Yes, travel is at a standstill, but I have hope. We must all hang on to hope. Just like there was a before and after Sept 11th, there will be a before and after 2020.

We will travel less but more meaningfully. We will seek adventures with a purpose and not in the mere pursuit of immediate reward. Exciting trends are already emerging. Glampervan roadtrips, wilderness seeking, isolation vacation and ultra-flexibility are the new buzzwords.

That’s why, against all odds, I am happy to formally introduce to you today BozAround Private Travel, family travel with style and purpose.

So, until we can all travel with confidence again, I will feed your wanderlust with stories and visuals that will take your mind away from the current gloom. Follow me on instagram for regular inspirations from near and far, share this post with whomever might need some colourful musings, and please spread the word on my new venture BozAround Private Travel. Because when the world gets back on its feet, I’ll be ready for you.

Until then, please stay positive and healthy, and don’t forget your mask.

Curiously yours, always.
x Vanessa

Ps: shout out to Yvette at Lemonade Design for revamping with talent and dedication.

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