Sculpture parks: fresh air, art and together time

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Autumn is a wonderful time to be outdoor visiting sculpture parks with the children. Think visiting a museum without any of the children complaining that you’re actually taking them to a museum. Stretch legs, breathe fresh air, enjoy art all together and embrace the change of season. Win Win.

NYC, London, Copenhagen, Provence and Japan: these are a few sculpture parks that we have visited and loved over the years. There are plenty more that I’d like to discover.

chateau lacoste land art in provence

– HENRY MOORE Studio & Gardens, 1h North of London in Hertfordshire
He is one of Britain’s most loved sculptor, with his monumental stone art work (one of which can be seen in Hyde Park). His foundation is a perfect day out of London (need a car), with a typical pub – The Hoops Inn – for lunch nearby and lots of sheep dotting the land.

henry moore majestic sculpture in the countryside

pub near henry moore foundation

– Also in England, I discovered last year the NEW ART CENTER, an under the radar beauty of a sculpture park / gallery that belongs to a passionate woman. I wrote about it in this piece.

Everyone in NY knows it. Ceki and I first went there 12 years ago when I was pregnant of Marcelo, and I was blown away by the scope of the park. My idea of a perfect day trip upstate New York on a bright autumn Sunday.  Here’s a list with more ideas upstate NY.

storm king art center upstate new york in the fall

– The LOUISIANA foundation, 1h North of Copenhagen
This place is a really special, serene, welcoming, and easily reached by train from Central Copenhagen. It’s well worth planning a whole slow day there. Note to self: I still need to write about our week end in Copenhagen.

Yayoi Kunama pumpkin in Naoshima island

– Remember that trip we took around Japan? We spent a few days in BENESSE ART SITE on NAOSHIMA island in central Japan, when Lior was just 2 and believe it or not, he still remembers it. Yes he does, because some statues were animated with a voice that said ‘ chatter chatter chatter” and we always bring it up (he’s our little chatterbox).. Naoshima moved me so much, with the emblematic and enormous pumpkin of Yayoi Kusama facing the calm sea, and the many installations and art museums dotting the island.

studying the map of the Henry Moore foundation in England

CHATEAU LACOSTE, 1h west of Saint Remy de Provence, going towards Aix en Provence
It has been so much in the press lately. Originally known as an organic vineyard, Lacoste is a huge estate filled with large-scale art by world-renowned artists, including my favorite architect Tadao Ando. A luxury hotel opened last year on the estate, I hear it’s a special place to ressource, with a wonderful spa. Might be best to bookmark it as a just the two of us kind of place.

happy girl face in henry Moore foundation

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