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2015 was such a strange year here and I am glad it’s behind. I heard it’s been the same for a lot of people…something about the alignment of the planets?!

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Colours and Culture in Salvador da Bahia

I’ve always had a thing for grand old places that seem to be falling apart. Salvador da Bahia is one of those cities where you can’t stop taking your camera out of the bag, particularly the old part of town called the Pelourinho. It reminds me of two other cities that I love: La Havana and Napoli.

This is a very amateur photo essay from our recent family trip, together with a few tips that I collected here and there.

I wrote earlier about our vacation in Trancoso, situated in the far south of the state of Bahia. Salvador is a wonderful alternative (or addition) to Rio on the way to Trancoso. I’d suggest 2-3 nights, it’s by the sea with plenty to do to please the children.

The city hosted the world cup so it got a bit of a facelift, but its faded colors, glories of the part and colonial architecture are still there to enjoy.

Salvador de Bahia

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Feet in the sand in Trancoso (Bahia, Brazil)

Once in a while, travelling also means going somewhere and doing nothing. nada. That’s what I dreamt of when we planned our Easter break with the children. In truth, it rarely happens in our family ie. to go somewhere and stay put. So we decided to do just that in Bahia. We told the children: Breathe in, And Go with the flow. (well, almost. It’s BozAround after all.)
corn on the cob

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Japan Part 3: Rural mountains & Tokyo

 I’ve had to take a break from BozAround the last couple of months, too busy launching my next travel venture, moodAway. But we’re almost there with the launch so I can finally put some attention back into my first (blog) love. I have a long list of posts to write in my head and everyday I tell myself, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it…Anyway, it’s a pleasant feeling to gather notes on Japan long after we’ve come back. Here’s the last part of our Japan trilogy: 2 nights in Obuse, and 5 nights in Tokyo to finish it all.
sunset in Obuse

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Japan Part 2: Kyoto and the Kiso Valley

This is the second part of our Japanese trilogy. We went from Hiroshima to Kyoto by train where we stayed 3 nights, and then went up north to the Japanese Alps by train again, to a tiny village called Magome.

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the loveland farm

Featuring Bodie and Fou on Glamping in the Loveland Farm {Devon, England}

Thursday, October 31, 2013

When a design guru goes camping, you know it’s going to be the ultimate glamping experience. Karine Kong is the founder and creative director of one of my…

mother & daughter

Featuring Ali, 10 years old, travel writing on Borneo

Thursday, July 4, 2013

We’re doing WHAT for summer vacation is a question that you might have heard recently at home. It is also the title of a quirky non-fiction book told by…

Lucky Fish

Featuring Lucky Fish on Slackpacking in Spain

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jann Cheifitz’ clothing brand Lucky Fish adorned Marcelo’s back from the time he was born. And these days, little Lior aka #3 can wear his brother’s vintage tees…

Harrison and Nathalie Sears

A NYC teenager on a field trip to Bangladesh & Bhutan

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This time last year, Harrison Sears, 15 years old, embarked on an exciting journey. He travelled to Bangladesh on a volunteer mission, having raised funds among his friends…