Kaleidoscope: April in Japan

I have so many images in my head, so many things to tell you about our 2 1/2 weeks in Japan. We just came back and until I can put my thoughts together, here’s a little kaleidoscope. Lior had the time of his life travelling like a big boy with us. Amalya played the maiko all along. Marcelo slurped on every soba noodle he could find. Ceki tasted more sakes than ever. And me, I kept on saying Isn’t this incredible! I love Japan! I want to live in Japan! Until I can tell the tale, here are a few snapshots. Sayonara (good bye) with love.

Gates. Kyoto templeOn MiyajimaTo the OnsenArt day and nightOn MiyajimaBeside tableSnow monkeysFeeding timeRoom with a viewAt the temple MiyajimaOn NaoshimaKit Kats like nowhere elseKimono timeA little prayer at the shrineFree in the templeThe Golden PavillionDragon smileSamurai scareOsaka viewHiroshimaTokyo sundownMailboxtadao. andoJapan on my mind




Japan on my mind

I have been daydreaming about our upcoming trip to Japan lately, watching this video January in Japan. I love the way director Scott Gold shares with us the simple things of life there, the way the camera moves around so delicately. We will be there in just a few days, we cannot wait. (Remember my post Sakura daydreaming exactly two years ago?!)

Our itinerary has been carefully planned by the ever-resourceful & very patient Mark at Inside Japan on tight deadlines. We’re tagging along a work conference that Ceki has in Kyoto hence the last minute decision (helped by the fact that we managed to rent our place in London for Easter..high five).

I am excited by what is in the plan: 17 nights travelling around the country by “bullet train” staying in a mix of comfortable hotels and simple ryokans (aka b&b’s where you sleep on tatamis, the whole family together, with hot baths just like in Totoro). Here it goes:

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That invincible summer

“It is sheer madness, almost always punished, to return to the sites of one’s youth and try to relive at forty what one loved or keenly enjoyed at twenty….In the middle of winter I at last discovered that there was within me an invincible summer…And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there is something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

This is the beginning and the end of a text which I love from Albert Camus. An excerpt from his essay Return to Tipasa. Last year Albert Camus would have turned 100. He was born and lived for many years in Algeria, and was buried in the cemetery of a beautiful little village in Provence, France after an absurd car crash. We lived in Algeria when I was a child, and I have strong memories of a carefree and happy life there. I also vividly remember visiting his tomb in Lourmarin when I was 17,  in love – like many  people my age – with his beautiful writings. Today felt like a good day to share this with you.

(writing from under the rain in Hong Kong. Makes sense, right?!)

Zineb Sedira photography

This photo above, I love it too. From the Algerian photographer and installation artist Zineb Sedira.




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I love it. I want it. I need it.

Did Isabel Marant peak inside my brain when she designed her SS14 collection all inspired by Japan? Is it a subliminal message targeted to moi?? I have been researching travel tips on Japan day and night lately, and if you have good ones please pass them on! We’ll be there with the children in April, a last minute decision / a long time dream about to turn reality, helped by the fact that we’re renting our apartment the entire Easter break. So I now have one month to put together a 2 weeks itinerary with 3 young children. Kawai! And with the sakura season coming up (aka cherry blossom), all the hotels / ryokan / inns are full apparently..not an easy task.


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12 trips to take before 12

That’s a catchy title, isn’t it?! I read it on a recent newsletter of the agency Steppes Travel, which I re-publish here because I enjoyed it so much (the photos are all from Steppes Travel). Most parents will not have been to any of those places by the time they turned 41, but that’s the point: it’s easier than ever to travel to remote corners of the world with children. It’s all in the mindset (and in the budget). I’ve tried to pair the ideas below with places where BozAround has been. Have you taken any of those trips with your kids? 

steppes travel

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